How to drink preservative free wine.

The convenient packaging of SO2GO means that is perfect for a night out or in. This means that you can have preservative free wine at any time. Our 3ml sachets and 5ml sprays are easy to transport in your pocket or handbag. Simply spray your glass or empty a sachet into your bottle. No messing around trying to count drops! Perfect, safe wine!

SO2GO oxidises the active wine preservative, Sulphur Dioxide gas, significantly reducing the sulphur dioxide preservatives! (sulphites) SO2GO doesn’t sacrifice taste in the name of wine allergy prevention, and wine is still fresh and enjoyed in a vibrant condition. Winemakers use the same method to remove bulk sulphites in the wine, prior to bottling. They must leave a certain amount in the bottle to keep the wine from spoiling. Eliminate the residual wine preservatives safely and easily with SO2GO.

Our customers have found that using SO2GO greatly reduces the symptoms they encounter when drinking wine, champagne, cider and beer. Many of these customers, had previously given up drinking due to wine reactions, wine intolerance, or wine allergies. They have now found that they are once again able to indulge themselves. Using SO2GO enables them to enjoy a glass of wine and socialise with friends, feeling relaxed that the next day they will not be suffering side effects from sulphur preservatives.

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