No More Headaches

Remove the Preservatives!

Most people associate headaches with the consumption of alcohol. In most cases it may surprise you that the headaches are in fact caused by the preservatives in the Wine, Champagne, Beer, or Cider.

Say goodbye to the discomfort of headaches and other reactions associated with drinks containing sulfite preservatives (220 & 224), such as wine, beer, champagne, cider, and fruit juice. SO2GO, the ultimate remedy for reducing Sulphur Dioxide levels in your favorite drinks, ensuring a more enjoyable experience!

Introducing SO2GO
Enjoy Your Drinking Experience

Raise your glass to a liberating experience with just two sprays of SO2GO! We believe that enjoying your favorite wines, beers, champagnes, ciders, and fruit juices shouldn't come with a side of discomfort. Say goodbye to sulfite-induced headaches, flushed faces, hives, IBS and more. Our innovative solution empowers you to savor every sip, worry-free.

Unlock   the Secret to a Preservative-Free Drinking Experience!

Preservative-Free Bliss: Sip, Enjoy, Repeat with SO2GO!

Unlock a more enjoyable drinking experience with SO2GO's preservative-free magic.

Removes Preservatives

With our solution, say goodbye to sulfites that can cause reactions and side effects.

Relief From Sulfite Reactions

Enjoy a worry-free drinking experience without the usual unwanted side effects caused by sulfite preservatives

Convenient & Portable

Compact and easy to slip into your pocket or purse for worry-free drinking anytime.

Same Great Taste

Savor the true essence of your preservative-free drinks without affecting the taste and quality.

Preservatives In Wine

The use of Sulphur in wine dates back to Roman times when Sulphur was burnt in storage vessels before filling to prevent spoilage of wine. More recently Sulphur Dioxide was introduced directly into wine to take advantage of its remarkable properties.

Why use Sulphur?

The main use of Sulphur Dioxide is for its anti-oxidant and anti-microbial qualities. This means that it will inhibit the growth of unwanted yeast and bacteria as well as binding to oxygen. Excess oxygen causes wine, beer, champagne, cider and juice to spoil. In addition to these properties Sulphur is considered low irritant and easy to detect if present in high quantities. Despite the benefits, there are many people who are allergic to sulphur and are unaware.

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Discover the perfect solution to conveniently neutralise preservatives in your wine, beer, champagne, cider and juice.

How to Use SO2GO

Follow our easy instructions below to enjoy your favorite drinks, preservative-free.

Step 1

Choose Your Method.

Select either the handy spray bottle or the sachet to add SO2GO to your wine, beer, champagne, cider, or juice prior to drinking.

Step 2

Using the Spray Bottle.

For a glass of wine, beer, champagne, cider or juice, use the 5ml spray bottle. Each spray bottle can treat a minimum of 20 standard glasses, equivalent to four 750ml bottles. Simply apply two sprays per glass and give the glass a swirl to mix.

Step 3

Using the Sachet.

For a 750ml bottle of wine, champagne, beer, cider or juice, utilize the 3ml sachet. Open the sachet and pour its contents into your bottle. Seal the bottle with the lid and tilt it upside down a couple of times to ensure thorough mixing.

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