About Us

SO2GO is a completely safe and natural product, which reduces the preservatives in wine, champagne, beer & cider. This reduction in the preservatives, can help prevent side effects including hangover headaches, Asian flush, wheezing, stuffy nose,  hives and other reactions to wine.

What is SO2GO?

SO2GO  contains a measured, dilute solution of food grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Most winemakers use Hydrogen Peroxide freely in the winery as a Sulphur (preservative) removal  tool in bulk wines. We have simply taken this to the next step and given the consumer the opportunity to lower the Free Sulphur Dioxide levels in their wine or Champagne. SO2GO  is not a “hangover cure”. Many people believe they have a hangover, when they are actually “reacting” to Sulphites.

Simply add to wine just prior to drinking. It can also be added to  beer, cider, or any juice that contains SO2. (Sulphur Dioxide). Many people cannot drink wine due to reactions which include; wine headaches, stuffiness, flushed face and hives. SO2GO removes sulphur preservatives, harmlessly and effectively. SO2GO will not affect the quality or flavour of your wine or Champagne. Our handy 5ml spray bottle or 3ml sachet will fit easily into a pocket or purse/hand bag.

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