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SO2GO contains a scientifically calculated dilution of food-grade H2O2 solution mixed with pure, filtered 00 water to remove sulphur dioxide in wine, beer, champagne, ciders, or fruit juice. It's not a hangover cure; it addresses sulfite reactions often mistaken for hangovers.

Winemakers use H2O2 to eliminate bulk sulphur preservatives in wine before bottling, but some are retained to prevent oxidation. SO2GO functions by introducing a surge of oxygen into the wine just before consumption. This oxygen infusion binds with the sulphur, neutralising it, resulting in a delightful, preservative-free wine.  SO2GO works not just with wine, but also with beer, champagne, cider, and fruit juice.

To enjoy sulfite-free beverages, simply use SO2GO before drinking. For a standard 150ml glass of wine, beer, champagne, cider or fruit juice, use the spray bottle with two sprays per glass, or for a whole bottle, use the 3ml sachet. One sachet is enough to treat one full 750ml bottle, while the 5ml spray bottle can treat a minimum of 20 standard glasses or four 750ml bottles.  A how-to video is available on this page

  • If a wine is over-treated, it will show increased signs of oxidation. The wine may lose its vibrant and fruity aromas, may start to taste dull or flat and may also change in colour.
  • Treated wine is best consumed within 24 hours.
  • SO2GO is targeted toward younger wines, 0-10 years old, older wines often have used up the sulfites in the wine during the preservation process and are less likely to have high levels of sulfites remaining.

SO2GO won't affect the flavor of your wine, beer, champagne, cider, or fruit juice, if used as directed.

SO2GO’s main ingredient H2O2 is an approved additive according to the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council Food Standards Code 4.5.1. It is also approved under the US FDA rules General Purpose Food Additives Sec. 582.1366 Hydrogen peroxide.

The need to eliminate sulfites arises from the adverse reactions and sensitivities that most people experience when exposed to these compounds. Sulfites, commonly found in wines, can trigger symptoms such as headaches, facial flushing, IBS, nausea, and even respiratory issues like shortness of breath and wheezing. These reactions are often mistaken for hangovers. As sensitivity to sulfites varies among individuals, eliminating or reducing sulfites with SO2GO wine preservative remover helps prevent these uncomfortable and sometimes severe symptoms caused by sensitivities.

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