Preservative Free Wine and How to use SO2GO

Discover how SO2GO liberates your favorite beverages from sulphur preservatives (Sulphites/Sulfites) and unlocks a new era of pure enjoyment.



SO2GO, a safe and natural product, has revolutionized the beverage industry worldwide. It offers a solution to lower or eliminate sulphur preservative, specifically Free Sulphur Dioxide (SO2- preservatives, notably 220 & 224), found in wine, champagne, beer, cider, and fruit juices. Now, relish your drinks without any side effects, without needing to invest in costly "preservative-free" or "organic" options. Contrary to common belief, all these beverages, including organic and preservative-free ones, contain sulphur. Fruit like grapes have sulfites in them naturally. Enjoy healthier drinks without the dreaded side effects.

The User-Friendly


Whether you're enjoying wine, beer, champagne, cider, or juice, using SO2GO is simple and effective.

For a glass of wine or sparkling, opt for the convenient 5ml spray bottle, which treats a minimum to 20 standard glasses (equivalent to four 750ml bottles). Just two sprays per glass, followed by a gentle swirl, will do the trick.

Alternatively, if you have a whole 750ml bottle of any of these beverages, choose the 3ml sachet. Open and pour it into the bottle, replace the lid, and tilt the bottle upside down a few times. One sachet is all it takes to treat one 750ml bottle.

Bid farewell to excessive preservatives and savor your beverages without any hassle.

The Liberating Solution

SO2GO offers a scientifically measured, dilute, high-quality solution that contains food-grade H2O2 blended with pure, filtered 00 water. Its application doesn't compromise the flavor of your wine, champagne, beer, cider, or juice.

Winemakers have long trusted H2O2 to reduce bulk sulphur preservatives before bottling, essentially some preservatives remain to prevent oxidation. SO2GO provides the finishing touch to your beverages by saturating them with oxygen just before consumption. This oxygen infusion binds to the Sulphur, effectively neutralizing it, and leaves your beverages effectively preservative-free. Enjoy your drinks without any compromise in taste.

SO2GO has been designed to work most effectively on young wine styles made to modern winemaking specifications. These wines will generally have the highest preservative levels. We recommend taking care when treating older, high quality and European-style wines as they generally will have lower levels of preservatives. If a wine is over-treated it will show increased signs of oxidation.

Treated wine is best consumed within 24 hours.

Step into the World of Elation and freedom

Discover the liberating power of SO2GO and savour the unmatched pleasure of preservative-free drinks. Say goodbye to allergies and reactions triggered by sulphites, including headaches, flushed face, hives, IBS and more. Immerse yourself in the authentic flavours of your favourite beverages. Click through to our shop now to purchase SO2GO. Let every sip be a moment of elation and freedom from preservatives.

<span class="s2g">SO2GO </span>SACHET


Enjoy the convenience of our sachets and indulge in a guilt-free drinking experience.

<span class="s2g">SO2GO </span>SPRAY


Savor every sip of your individual drink with SO2GO's spray bottles. Designed to be easily slipped into a purse or pocket.

<span class="s2g">SO2GO </span>COMBOS


Embrace the freedom of preservative-free drinks with our combinations of spray bottles & sachets.

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